Educator pensions and retirement security

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All educators deserve the ability to retire with financial security.

Pensions provide educators with a guaranteed, reliable source of income in retirement. They are also a tool to attract and retain qualified, experienced educators to the profession.  

Minnesota’s school staffing shortage was already a growing problem before COVID-19 hit, but now it’s at crisis levels. We need competitive compensation packages that attract the best educators to the profession and keep them in our schools. The Minnesota Legislature needs to examine the breadth of options available to make teaching attractive. That includes enhanced retirement benefits that recognize and reward teachers’ hard work on behalf of students.

In order to defend and improve educator pensions in Minnesota, we must work to elect officials who believe in strong pensions, tell them what educators need and get them to take action at the Legislature. 

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As we power-map legislative districts and locals to ensure we have someone willing to speak up on pensions for every legislator, it’s important that those who are willing sign up on the Pension Pledge form. We’ll be reaching out to those who’ve signed up with materials, save the dates, and actions to take!

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10-minute building meeting materials

2023-24 Education Minnesota Pension Advocacy Plan – TRA specific

Education Minnesota members and staff are continuing their work fighting to improve educator pensions this legislative cycle. This session will cover our advocacy leading up to this year, pension plan essentials and current advocacy plan organizing and actions.

Teacher Pension Reduction Bill – All Member Meeting Recording

Watch the recording of our all-member meeting on Feb. 12, during which we shared specific information regarding the current status of bills in the legislature, the new Education Minnesota penalty reduction bill being introduced and other ongoing work.

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