Why belong

Education Minnesota develops professional educators who are passionate, well trained and well supported. Joining means belonging to an organization dedicated to preparing students for successful lives.

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Member voice

Our voices are elevated and heard when we join together as Education Minnesota.

Educators should have a seat at the table when decisions are made about our classrooms, schools, campuses, profession and public education, because the only people who know more about what students need are their own parents.

A bargaining ally

Bargaining is one way you have a voice in shaping your profession. When we have a collective voice, we can fight for better working conditions, programs and services for our students and fair wages to attract and retain quality educators.

Each local union has a dedicated staff person who provides direct support to you and your local. That includes help bargaining your contract and making sure the terms of that contract are enforced.

Learn more by contacting your local leader or Education Minnesota field office!

Professional growth

Creating and supporting quality development opportunities for members stands at the core of your union’s work. Our online and in-person trainings are available to members for free.

  • MEA Online
  • In-person trainings and workshops
  • MEA conference
  • Summer Leadership Seminar
  • National meetings/trainings

A champion for our students and communities

While far from perfect, our union and the broader labor movement have a proud and long history of advancing civil rights. These include the rights of our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ students, colleagues, and neighbors, as well as the right of every citizen to be treated fairly in their workplaces and by our government. Equity work looks different in every district in the state, but educators have a responsibility to eliminate racism, discrimination and poverty so all Minnesota students — no matter what they look like, where they come from or how they identify — can thrive and achieve their dreams.