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The Education Minnesota Political Action Committee (PAC) is a group of educators from across the state who guide our union’s political and election programs. It is not affiliated with any political party.

The PAC was formed to create political power for educators.

Members are democratically appointed

The PAC is governed by a 33-member board of educators, comprised of one representative from each Education Minnesota regional election district, one higher education/statewide affiliate representative, one ESP representative, one non-voting aspiring educator, one non-voting retiree member and the Education Minnesota constitutional officers. Board members serve one-year terms. Board members are appointed by the Education Minnesota president and approved by the executive committee of Education Minnesota’s elected governing board. All members are eligible to seek appointment to the PAC.


  • Educate, support and strengthen the commitment of the citizens and the government to excellence in public education at all levels.
  • Promote and strive for the improvement of the public schools.
  • Encourage educators to know and understand the nature and actions of their government and the important political issues as they pertain to public education.
  • Elect candidates who support the mission of Education Minnesota
  • Increase political action and voter participation of Education Minnesota members.

Educators make candidate endorsements

The PAC makes candidate endorsements representing the collective voice of 86,000 educators. Candidates from all political parties are entitled to seek Education Minnesota endorsement and the PAC regularly endorses Democratic and Republican candidates.

Members pay PAC dues

Elected member delegates vote at Education Minneaota’s annual business meeting to assess PAC dues. Regular member dues do not fund the PAC and all members may choose to opt-out of the yearly PAC contribution.

Board members

Find your PAC board representative:

Election districts and zones map
PDF, 40 pages, 10MB

The 2021-22 Education Minnesota PAC Board

Election District A

Kim Davidson
Contact Kim

Election District B

Carl Soderberg
Contact Carl

Election District C


Election District D

Lynette Schwagerl
Contact Lynette

Election District E

Peter Palmer
Contact Peter

Election District F

Sam Carley
St. Cloud
Contact Sam

Election District G

Zach Brandt
Contact Zach

Election District H

Beth Isaacson
Albert Lea
Contact Beth

Election District I

Sarah Dixen
Contact Sarah

Election District J

Stephen Cade
Contact Stephen

Election District K


Election District L

Leah Hood
Contact Leah

Election District M

Heather Mathews
Dakota County United Educators
Contact Heather

Election District N

Ona Wilcox
South Washington County
Contact Ona

Election District O

Janey Atchison
St Paul
Contact Janey

Election District P

Natasha Dockter
Contact Natasha

Election District Q

Karin Hogen
White Bear Lake
Contact Karin

Election District R

Mary Mohr-Scinocca
Spring Lake Park
Contact Mary

Election District S

Laura Bratland
Contact Laura

Election District T

Ternesha Burroughs
Contact Ternesha

Election District U

Jeremy Peterson
Chisago Lakes
Contact Jeremy

Election District V

Patricia Cespedes-Schueller
Contact Patricia

Election District W


Election District X

Joanna Prosser
Contact Joanna

Election District Y

Darringer Funches
Bloomington ESP
Contact Darringer

Election District Z (MSCF)

Erica Wood
Contact Erica

ESP Representative

Janice Reed
Contact Janice

SREA Representative

Marty Scofield
State Residential Schools
Contact Marty

Education Minnesota Aspiring Educators (non-voting)

Samantha Schlomka
EMSP-MSU Moorhead
Contact Samantha

Education Minnesota Retired (non-voting)

Sue Witt
Contact Sue