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Racial and social justice resources

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The murder of George Floyd. Attacks on honesty in education. The rise in bias and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

These are heavy, challenging times for us all, but particularly our communities of color.

Education Minnesota has compiled the following lists of resources for educators and parents — both for education/discussion and to help children and adolescents cope with traumatic events and talk about sensitive issues like race.

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Talking about traumatic events & tragedies

– Recommendations & Resources for Supporting Students Before, During & After the Chauvin Trial (University of Minnesota)
– How to Talk About Traumatic Events & Tragedies (MDE)
– Responding to Trauma in Your Classroom (Learning for Justice)
– Helping Youth After Community Trauma: Tips for Educators (NCTSN)
– Helping Children & Adolescents Cope With Trauma & Disasters (NIMH)
– 16 Resources on Talking to Students About Police Killings and Racism (Education Week)
– What to Say to Kids When the News is Scary (NPR)
– Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced Trauma (Child Welfare Information Gateway)
– Trauma and Grief (Child Mind Institute)

Anti-Asian racism & violence:

– How to Respond to Coronavirus Racism (Learning for Justice)
– Responding to COVID Bullying, Bias & Violence Against Asian Americans (Colorin Colorado)
– Educators Take a Stand Against Coronavirus Racism (NEA)
– Battling a Surge of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes (Share My Lesson)

Classroom/district resources:

– Education Minnesota classroom resources for educators: https://edmn.me/3szFfxk
Talking About Race in the Classroom (NEA)
– Beyond Land Acknowledgement: A Guide: https://edmn.me/3QcNoFW
Equity Literacy Institute
– Culturally Responsive Curriculum Scorecard: https://edmn.me/45uke9M
– NEA EdJustice: https://edmn.me/3m1CodW
– 5 anti-racism resources for educators: https://edmn.me/36EHUvs
Learning for Justice
– 5 ways to address bias in your school: https://edmn.me/36FaE7u
– NEA equity audit: https://edmn.me/45kfKTa
– MAEC equity audit: https://edmn.me/3rIqUDz
– Equity messaging guidance for districts: https://edmn.me/3treUqx
– Share My Lesson racism collection: https://edmn.me/3ccMjqs
– Racial Justice in Education resource guide: https://edmn.me/2zDzSa5
– Teaching While White: https://edmn.me/2Bxl0dT
– Confronting White Nationalism in Schools toolkit: https://edmn.me/3gCQrDV

More racial and social justice resources:

– Anti-racism resources: https://edmn.me/2AlbDxa
– Indigenizing Love toolkit: https://edmn.me/3F9HcIL
National Equity Project
– Mid Atlantic Equity Consortium favorite articles: https://edmn.me/3Qb3sbi
Talking to Kids About Racism & Injustice (Oakland Public Library)
– Ibram X. Kendi blog: https://www.ibramxkendi.com
– Antiracist checklist: https://edmn.me/3LWdWcl
– Learning for Justice: www.learningforjustice.org
– Colorin Colorado resources: https://edmn.me/3hCC9U3
– Showing Up for Racial Justice: https://edmn.me/2Y3OF6