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Attend precinct caucuses Feb. 25, vote in primary March 3

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Minnesota’s major political parties—Democratic-Farmer-Labor and Republican—will hold precinct caucuses at 7 p.m. Feb. 25. This is the first year Minnesota will also have a separate presidential primary election on March 3. Early voting is already open. Find out more at www.mnvotes.org.

Education Minnesota encourages its members to attend caucuses and support your schools and students by promoting pro-public education legislation and candidates.

Precinct caucuses are also the first step in becoming a national delegate to your party’s convention.

You can find information on where your precinct caucus is located at the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website, www.mnvotes.org. You may also contact the DFL at 651-293-1200 or www.dfl.org or the Republican Party at 651-222-0022 or www.mngop.com.

Education Minnesota’s 2020 Precinct Caucus Resolutions

Education Minnesota encourages members to bring the pro-public education and fully funding education resolutions to the caucuses and move them for approval. If passed, these resolutions will help shape the platforms of Minnesota’s political parties. Watch for these resolutions to be shared on www.educationminnesota.org.

National delegate selection

As experts in education and champions for children, educators are strong choices as delegates to presidential conventions.

Funding opportunities may be available. Want more information or help on the process? Contact Kathi Micheletti in Education Minnesota’s public affairs department at Kathi.michelleti@edmn.org.

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