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October/November 2019

MEA conference features 80+ workshops, exhibitors
The 2019 Minnesota Educator Academy conference Oct. 17 features a lineup of more than 80 workshops and almost 100 educational exhibits. Learn more about the MEA conference, the exhibitors, browse the workshops and register today.

Minnesota educators take pride in their practice
That pride has made our public schools some of the best in the nation. It’s what drives educators to demand a voice in their workplaces and insist on a fair return on our work. It is what moves us to collaborate with colleagues and seek out high-quality professional development.

Classroom supply warehouse event helps educators stock up
A room full of books, classroom decorations, furniture, bins and more that you can take for free? Educators in and around the Mankato area have access to that every year, thanks to the Minnesota Valley Uniserv intermediate organization and their teacher warehouse event.

Rochester paras settle first contract as part of Education Minnesota
The paraprofessional staff in Rochester voted to join Education Minnesota in 2018 and have now settled their first contract, receiving a retirement benefit match for the first time and about a $1 an hour pay increase.

Faculty hiring hall brings historic union idea to higher education work
As a faculty member at Normandale Community College, Robert Frame knows that sometimes a staffing opening gets filled when department chairs or deans ask other faculty, “Do you know anyone?”

Results of our campaign 2018 worksite action leader program
77,952 educators voted in the 2018 election, including 23,200 who skipped the last midterm election in 2014. 69.3 percent of educator voters targeted by our worksite action leader program voted on (or before) Nov. 6, 2018!

Delegate filing forms for 2020 NEA RA
The National Education Association Representative Assembly, the major decision-making body for the NEA, will take place next July 2-6 in Atlanta, GA.

First 2019-20 Education Minnesota Foundation grant deadlines approaching
The Education Minnesota Foundation for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has multiple grants with a deadline approaching. For details about the grants and how to apply, go to

Education Minnesota's State Fair booth and the #ThankAnEducator campaign
This year, Education Minnesota printed 15,392 calendars and collected thousands and thousands of #ThankAnEducator notes at the Minnesota State Fair!

2020 Minnesota Teacher of the Year nominations open
Nominations open Sept. 30 for the 2020 Minnesota Teacher of the Year award, and remain open through Nov. 15

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