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Free PD offerings move online

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Free PD offerings move online

Education Minnesota’s professional development offerings are now becoming available on the platform, LearnUpon.

Education Minnesota members will be able to access free professional development to improve their professional practice and earn CEU credits for relicensure as well as build union understanding and power.

The majority of courses will be pre-recorded. Some will be offered live via webinar and some will be a combination of both.

Having the trainings online allows members from around the state to access professional development, created by educators, on their own time and at any location. The platform also allows members to be able to come and go from a course, with the platform saving your place.

To access the platform, members must use the login information that was sent by the LearnUpon system on July 1. Often these messages can go into spam or junk folders, so please check all folders to find the email from notifications@learnupon.com. If you still can’t find your email invite or have any questions, please email learnupon@edmn.org.

Education Minnesota staff and members are launching new courses each week. The first courses offered were the four sections of Cultural Competency.

The courses were tested by Education Minnesota’s Governing Board before the full launch.

Heather Bakke, a teacher in Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop and National Education Association Director, said she enjoyed the online training.

“The first three trainings had been in a group where there was a lot of conversation so I was worried that it would be difficult doing the course without other people but I was pleasantly surprised how the same rigor and intent went into the online course,” she said. “It gave me many opportunities for reflection and helped me come up with my equity action plan.”

Being able to move Education Minnesota’s professional development online is an important step, and a big benefit of union membership, said Bakke.

“Being able to meet state guidelines with courses developed by our union with the specific needs of our members in mind is so empowering,” she said. “It is an amazing way to get the most out of your dues and now with the online learning system you can do PD from the comfort of your own home.”

Members must use the login information that was sent by the LearnUpon system on July 1. Often these messages can go into spam or junk folders.

Courses currently available on LearnUpon, with new courses being added each week:

  • Certified Negotiator Program for Teachers
  • Certified Negotiator Program for Education Support Professionals Parts 1-4
  • Cultural Competency Training Parts 1-4 (relicensure)
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Through a Racial Justice Lens
  • Degrees, Not Debt
  • English Learners (relicensure)
  • MRA (Member Rights Advocacy) Part 1
  • Reading (relicensure)
  • Worksite Unity Leader Training Part 1

More information, including a video on using the platform, is available at edmn.me/learnupon.

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