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Licensure extensions, changes due to pandemic

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The Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board and the Legislature made changes to some timelines around teacher licensure and renewal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Education Minnesota staff have been monitoring those changes and want to keep you updated. PELSB is continuing to meet and more updates may be possible this fall.

Education Minnesota anticipates a backlog in the renewal process with the 2020 extensions, so if you are needing to apply for a new license or renew your license by December or next July, we encourage you to allow for extra processing time.

If you have specific questions about your license or renewal, please contact your Education Minnesota field staff.

Go to www.educationminnesota.org/resources/credentials-licensure for other information around the tiered licensure system and more.

Q: My license expires in 2020. Did the Legislature pass an extension?

A: Yes. The Legislature adopted a statute that extends all educator licenses set to expire in 2020 (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4) by six months. Those licenses are now set to expire Dec. 31, 2020. 

Q: I have been unable to renew my license because I have not had the opportunity to take the new cultural competency trainings, and none are scheduled in the near future. What are my options?

A: Education Minnesota’s own Cultural Competency training is now available to members online for free. The training is made up of four different modules, and members can work through the modules at their own pace. The trainings can be found on our new online platform, LearnUpon. To learn more or to get started, go to edmn.me/learnupon.

Q: My position in the fall requires a new license or a permission, such as an out-of-field permission. When should those materials be submitted to PELSB?

A: If your position depends on a new license or a permission, please submit or have your district submit the relevant application materials to PELSB as soon as possible. We expect a backlog of applications at PELSB, and getting materials in early will mitigate that problem and increase your chances of being ready to go on day one of the new school year.

Q: My license expires in 2020, and I was ready to renew months ago, but I could not finish the process either because cultural competency was not yet available to me or because my continuing education committee was unable to process renewals. Can I use the CEUs I am accumulating now for my next round of renewal in 2025?

A: No. The date on which you can start to accrue CEUs to be applied to your 2025 renewal is the date in 2020 upon which you renew. There is no way to “bank” CEUs ahead of your renewal date. 

Q: I am an ESP who is doing more because of the changes to learning my district made, including doing lesson plans or other work my licensed teacher counterparts typically do. What can I do?

A: Contact your field staff. There are certain requirements in state statute and rule that outline what duties the teacher of record must perform.

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