Committee Interest Application

Council of Local Presidents
The charge of this committee is to work directly with the Education Minnesota President to communicate local and regional concerns and to provide timely information to other local presidents within your election district; identify local issues and needs; advise the President on local and regional matters; serve as a liaison between Education Minnesota and local presidents; and to review organizational policies as they impact locals and members; recommend local leadership training needs; advise on issues related to collective bargaining, contracts and organizing, meet as subcommittees as needed. Make recommendations for training and support for local presidents. 

Professional Advocacy (ProAC)
The charge of this committee is to consider and recommend policies and programs to the elected officers and other leaders regarding matters pertinent to the professional lives of members and identify and recommend policy on new trends in education; identify and recommend areas of need for professional growth opportunities for members and recommend topics for further study within the organization. The committee will continue to discuss and make recommendations for a teacher apprenticeship program. In addition, the committee will make recommendations for workplace safety for educators. 

Legislative Action
The charge of this committee is to consider and recommend legislative positions to the elected officers and leaders in Education Minnesota.  The committee shall develop recommendations regarding issues and agencies external to education Minnesota as well as recommend changes or additions to Education Minnesota’s legislative positions.  The committee shall work to engage and mobilize members in advocating for Education Minnesota’s legislative positions. The committee may recommend task forces and ad hoc committees for additional study as needed. 

Political Action
The charge of this committee is to educate, support and strengthen the commitment of the citizens and the government to excellence in public education at all levels; to promote and strive for improvement of the public schools; to encourage educators to know and understand the nature and actions of their government and the important political issues as they pertain to public education; and to elect candidates who support the mission of Education Minnesota.

Pension Reform Advisory Group

This group of members will:

  • Establish group agreements for working together in the coming year
  • Do SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of the environment (internal and external) for the upcoming year.
  • Create a vision for public support for raising revenue and improving pensions.
  • Review and revise recommendations to Education Minnesota’s Legislative Action Committee for legislative wins and priorities prior to November 1.
  • Provide input and feedback on the development of the PALs program.