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Unity campaign continues on with funding message

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At the Unity Summit earlier this year, Education Minnesota kicked off a campaign for fully funding education through electing pro-public education candidates in 2020 and advocating for the resources our students’ need.

While the pandemic has changed a lot in the world, the public is talking about the need for more support for public education now more than ever before.

During this pandemic, those trained at the Unity Summit started taking action.

More than 200 attended the campaign’s virtual Leadership Assembly in April. They were asked to take a photo with their colleagues to show support for hourly workers and the bill being debated at the Legislature that would have protected them against unnecessary layoffs this school year.

Hundreds of selfies from all over the state were shared to show support and posted on Education Minnesota’s social media channels.

More than 500 educators attended the Unity Summit and the hope was to continue more trainings in person throughout the spring and summer.

Education Minnesota staff have been working on moving the training to an online platform that will be ready for members this summer.

Members who are interested in serving as worksite unity team leaders can talk to their local union leadership or Education Minnesota field staff.

Unity leaders will help unite their worksite—doing selfie collages, texting, sharing our info about actions around the campaign—before the November election and beyond.

Staff are also planning a big back-to-school campaign training in August. At that training, members will be asked to start planning virtual campaign events at their worksites in September.

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