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Delegate selection for 2022 NEA RA

The National Education Association Representative Assembly, the major decision-making body for the NEA, is scheduled to be held July 2-6, 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

All active Education Minnesota members are eligible to run to be a state-credentialed delegate for the NEA RA. The filing period opens on Nov. 1 and closes Dec. 10. Do not submit the forms before the filing period begins. Forms are also available online in a writable PDF that can be emailed to the elections committee.

Elections will take place in local districts during the 15-day window beginning Feb. 1 and ending Feb. 19. Elections will be held on weekdays only during this period.

Ballots will be mailed the last week of January to all local presidents in districts where an election is necessary.

Nominations for state-credentialed student delegates open Nov. 1 and close Feb. 15. Elections will take place on a date to be determined in April, if necessary.

Funding information for state-credentialed delegates

To receive funding, state-credentialed delegates must be in attendance for the entire Representative Assembly, beginning with the first caucus meeting through adjournment the night of July 6. State-credentialed delegates are expected to attend all caucus meetings and to be on the convention floor for all proceedings.

Funding includes: Airfare—travel arrangements to be made through the designated travel agent and direct-billed to Education Minnesota (alternative transportation will be reimbursed up to a predetermined amount); the cost of a double-occupancy room at the delegation hotel (to be direct-billed) for an authorized number of nights; and reimbursement for meals and other convention-related expenses (with original itemized receipts). Substitute costs for state delegates working in year-round school settings will be covered as outlined in the Education Minnesota Financial Policy for Governance and Members.

Mileage to and from the airport is reimbursable at 20 cents a mile, along with the cost of airport parking.

No funding is available for Category 2 delegates, those who are retired or inactive members.

Funding information for small locals

A funding program is available to help locals with 150 or fewer members send a delegate to the Representative Assembly or the American Federation of Teachers Convention. Local presidents will receive information. If you have any questions around the small local grant program, please contact Vice President Bernie Burnham at Bernie.Burnham@edmn.org.

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