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Ten others honored as Teacher of the Year finalists

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Besides Lancaster, 10 other teachers were also finalists for 2022 Minnesota Teacher of the Year award. Here are their reflections on why they teach.

“We are tasked with a most important and awesome endeavor that will impact the lives of our students forever.”

Edward T. Barlow, Minneapolis
Music, grades 6-8

“Having someone that students can relate to and see themselves in and connect with on the level of feeling like they’re represented is really important.”

Yonnie Eiden-Giel, South Washington County
Social studies, grades 11 and 12

“I teach to create a safe and supportive environment for those who have not always had one.”

Jon Fila, Intermediate District 287
English, grades 9-12

“I teach because I believe our youngest learners need to begin their educational path, knowing that there is a place for them at school.”

Kendall Gonzalez, White Bear Lake

“I teach because I want to nourish love and positivity in my students so they can bring that into their own societies and make the world a better place after they graduate.”

Paul Houck, Southwest Metro Intermediate District 288, English and math, grades 9-12

“I teach because I want to inspire kids. I want to tell them they can do anything they want and that they can follow their dreams.”

Bradley Hubred, Moose Lake
Science, grades 5 and 6

“I want to empower my students to embrace their unique selves and help them to imagine a bright future of their own design.”

Erin Karlgaard, Brainerd Public Schools
Grade 3

“I teach to allow students a safe space to discover who they are and know that they are loved for whoever they are.”

Rachel Volkmann, Hopkins
Grade 5

“I teach because I have a passion to unlock the superpowers of my students in the autism community. So they can discover their unique gifts and succeed in a world that doesn’t quite understand them.”

Andrea Welvaert, South Washington County
ASD/SPED, grades 6-8

“I teach because the classroom is a place where we can foster understanding between people of different perspectives in hopes of eliminating the divides that exist in our world.”

Eric Zuccola, Robbinsdale
English, grades 9-12

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