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Ten others honored as Teacher of the Year finalists

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Besides Houston, 10 other teachers were also finalists for 2023 Minnesota Teacher of the Year award. Here are their reflections on why they teach.

Fatuma Ali

Hopkins High School, Hopkins
English, grades 10-12
“I firmly believe that if we equip young people with the tools to think critically, practice radical compassion and empathy, and envelop them with love and support along the way, the better world we all envision can become a reality.”

Molly Megan Keenan

Harding High School, Saint Paul
Social studies/history, grades 9-12
“I teach to help steer the world in a better direction. I teach so that school isn’t boring and oppressive. I teach to raise young people’s expectations of what is possible and doable.”

Bee Lee

Emmet D. Williams Elementary, Roseville
Visual arts, grades K-6
“I teach because I love sharing my passion for culture, self-expression, and humanity. I teach to provide a diverse representation for my students.”

Josh Mann

St. Michael-Albertville High School, St. Michael-Albertville
Social studies, grades 9-12
“Teaching is coming alongside someone wherever they are and encouraging them to find their passion. To find their voice. To find their perspective. To find their ideas.”

Giovanna Valeria Margalli

Cornelia Elementary School, Edina
Elementary education, grade 4
“Teaching is complicated and messy, but hidden within the mess are the most beautiful moments of connection. And being a part of those moments is why I teach.”

Sorcha Nix

Open World Learning Community, Saint Paul
Science, grades 8-9
“I come from four generations of educators, so I teach in part because it’s in my blood. For me, teaching is one of the most honorable and fulfilling professions. I teach because it brings me joy.”

John Peter

Pelican Rapids High School, Pelican Rapids
English as a second language, grades 7-12
“I teach because I want to build a better community. And every single day I want to create an environment for my students where they are given dignity and they feel loved.”

Fathimath Eliza Rasheed

Global Arts Plus-Upper Campus, Saint Paul
Theatre, grades 5-8
“I want to be part of a system where classrooms do not just look like four walls…where I, along with my students, get to figure out who we are and how we constantly grow and learn from each other.”

Joe Schulte

Sartell High School, Sartell-St. Stephen
Technology education, grades 9-12
“I teach because it’s an opportunity to make connections to the real world, and I really enjoy being a conduit for that.”

Allyson Wolff

Eisenhower Elementary School, Hopkins
Spanish Immersion, grade 1
“I teach because every day I get to joyfully experience and re-experience our world through the eyes of children.”

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