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New TV, digital campaign puts spotlight on key legislative priorities

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The latest phase of Education Minnesota’s “Believe in We” paid media campaign debuted in March with a series of television and digital ads. The theme of the campaign is “The Time Is Now,” and this campaign represents our union’s push during the 2023 legislative session for our long-sought-after goals of fully funding education; respecting educators at the beginning, middle and end of their careers with supportive working environments and professional benefits; attracting and retaining the best people in the profession; and giving students—no matter where they live and what their background is—access to the best schools and higher education institutions.

“For our union, this session of the Legislature is about passing the right investments and policies to give educators more time with their students, give students access to more great educators and make sure our schools and colleges are safe and healthy spaces to learn and work,” Education Minnesota President Denise Specht said. “This ad campaign is just one way our educators are coming together to demand the respect and tools they need to deliver the education our students deserve.”

Specific issues covered in the ads, as described by our members, include:

  • Reducing the school staffing crisis by improving compensation for teachers, education support professionals and other educators. This also means improving pensions for all educators.
  • Ensuring every student has access to a team of licensed, school-based mental and physical health professionals.
  • Attracting and retaining more educators of color to meet the needs of the state’s increasingly diverse students and preparing all students to thrive after high school.
  • Paying for the soaring costs of special education services.
  • Improving access to, and increasing resources for, state colleges.

The ads all feature Education Minnesota members who were identified as those who can speak to the issues, as well as the educators interacting with public school students.

With a historic state budget surplus and newly-elected majorities of pro-education lawmakers in the Minnesota House and Senate and a former teacher in the governor’s office, there is a once-in-a-generation chance to invest in our state’s greatest resource—our public schools.

All of the ads call for viewers and readers to contact their legislators and tell them to make these investments in educators and public education. More information and interviews with members are available at the campaign website: BelieveInWeMN.com.

This campaign is set to run for the remainder of the 2023 legislative session. Members and the public will see the ads on social media channels, TV, digital pre-roll ads, and website banner ads.

Why an ad campaign?

A public voice for educators is essential. To help publicize the efforts of the union and its members, in 2006, Education Minnesota launched statewide paid advertising campaigns. It has produced TV ads, online banner ads, online videos, social media posts and sponsorships. The impact of the media campaign has been clear. Public and member polling has consistently shown increased support for Minnesota’s public schools and Education Minnesota’s mission.

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