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Online, free professional development offerings expand

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With the addition of many of the MEA Conference sessions, Education Minnesota’s LearnUpon platform continues to expand its offerings.

More than 500 members are accessing LearnUpon each week, accessing the free, high-quality professional development.

To access the platform, members must use the login information that was sent by the LearnUpon system on July 1. Often these messages can go into spam or junk folders, so please check all folders to find the email from notifications@learnupon.com. If you still can’t find your email invite or have any questions, please email learnupon@edmn.org.

New classes added from the MEA conference include:

Assessment for Learning in Response to COVID-19 (PBI relicensure)

Participants will discuss the purposes of different types of assessments used to check for student understanding in both remote and in-person classroom settings, how to use various resources on the new Testing 1, 2, 3 website to improve the rigor of standards-based classroom assessments, and how to use and act on the resulting assessment data to improve instruction and learning for your students.

Jim Crow of the North: Bringing Minnesota’s Diverse History Into the Classroom

TPT’s Minnesota Experience history producers present how educators can use documentaries like Jim Crow of the North to amplify Minnesota’s diverse stories, create deeper connections with all cultures and make this history relevant for the challenges we face today.

Engage Students With “Crossroads: An Anthology of Resilience and Hope by Young Somali Writers”

Improve your own understanding of Somali communities’ strengths and challenges, and consider how “Crossroads,” an engaging, relatable and diverse collection, can further your learning objectives for all students.

Finding our Way Through: Navigating the Mental and Emotional Challenges of our Current World

Explore strategies for coping with anxiety, stress, depression and overwhelm that many of us are experiencing during this time of difficulty. Take a look at some helpful theories for understanding why it’s so tough these days, and some learn tools to help you find your way through.

Muslims in the Classroom: Practical Advice for Educators

Learn the basics of what impacts Muslim students and their daily lives in the classroom, including diet, dress, gender relations, prayer, fasting and Muslim holidays. The workshop is meant to help identify and address Islamophobia and Islamophobic bullying in the classroom.

Classroom Mindfulness

Participants will learn about mindfulness practices as well as how they can be used in a classroom to help students focus and manage their own emotions. After the session, participants will walk away with an easy to use action plan they can implement in their classrooms. Different strategies will be discussed for various teaching levels.

Google’s Applied Digital Skills Workshop

Google’s Applied Digital Skills is meant to spark students’ creativity and teach foundational computer science concepts in your classroom. In this hands-on workshop we will do a deep dive into the pedagogy and content behind Applied Digital Skills, then plan for implementation in your school or district.

Moving Lives Minnesota: Student-Driven Storytelling Around Immigration

Educators will learn about this Minnesota Public Television Association initiative, discuss best practices for student-led media creation, receive lesson plans and ways to be involved and practice telling their own immigration story.

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