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Join the fight for respectable retirements for all educators

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Pension Rally: Educators Rally for Respectable Retirement

The first pension rally of the 2024 legislative session is planned for Thursday, Feb. 29 from 3:45-4:45 p.m. at the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda.

We need state investment in our worker pension fund so our dedicated essential workers can retire when they are ready without losing a significant amount of their pension benefit. Educators and supporters need to show up to let legislators know that we’re looking for fair pension reform this session and beyond.

Ask your Education Minnesota field staff for information on mileage, parking and sub costs that may be available for attending, as well as recruitment flyers that can be shared at worksites and local union meetings.

Email legislators using new template

Education Minnesota has created a new email template for members to use, asking Gov. Tim Walz, Speaker Rep. Melissa Hortman and Majority Leader Sen. Kari Dziedzic to make room in the 2024 supplemental budget for teacher pensions.

Find the new template and send the email at www.educationminnesota.org/advocacy/at-the-legislature/pensions.

Pension Advocacy Network Facebook page

All Education Minnesota members who are interested in educator pension advocacy are invited join our Facebook group. This is a place where members can connect, have productive conversations about pension solutions and have staff answer questions. Find the group by searching “Education Minnesota Pension Advocacy Network” and ask to join. You will have to answer a few membership questions and membership will be verified to remain in the group.

Pension Update emails continue

Members can sign up to receive any updates on pension-related work in the Pension Update emails. If you are not registered for the emails, go to www.educationminnesota.org/advocacy/at-the-legislature/pensions.

Local pension organizing

Many incredible educators have begun organizing Pension Action Leaders (PALs) in their locals. To achieve the investment we need for pension improvements, all educators need to stand together and invite our colleagues into this work.

Education Minnesota has an updated 10-minute meeting document that members can access from the Pension Update emails or by asking your field staff.

Education Minnesota also encourages members passionate about this work to start making PALs in your locals.

If you’re already doing this work or would like to do this work, please fill out the Pension Organizing Pledge at www.edmn.me/PensionOrganizingPledge.

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