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Pension advocacy work ramps up after election thanks to new legislative opportunities

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Education Minnesota’s Pension Advocacy Plan moves into its next phase with the election providing an opportunity to get to work on pension improvements.

Pro-public education and pro-union majorities in the House and Senate, as well as in the governor’s office, means we have the chance to push for bills on pension improvements and funding.

Education Minnesota has now moved into phase two of our member-led advocacy plan.

The Teachers Retirement Association board will need to be pushed to do the following:

  • Discuss improvements to member benefits.
  • Discuss the costs and get actuarial estimates for improvements.
  • Recommend and support benefit improvements.
  • Recommend and support increased funding from the state of Minnesota for improvements.

Education Minnesota staff are already working closely with legislators to author pension bills for improvements and funding. Educators interested in helping pass this legislation should watch for chances to engage with your local legislators as well as lobby at the Capitol or in virtual conversations with lawmakers to share your stories and motivate them to take action.

A reminder that Education Minnesota has members in multiple pension plans and there are discussions about them as well. In addition, our fellow public employee groups have shared that they are planning to push for action on their pensions, too.

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