Home Minnesota Educator April-May 2022 MEA Online is becoming a part of NEA’s online learning portal!

MEA Online is becoming a part of NEA’s online learning portal!

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Our MEA Online is teaming up with the National Education Association to provide a multitude of online courses for Education Minnesota members.

MEA Online will now include online classes provided by Education Minnesota’s Minnesota Educator Academy, along with all NEA online classes.

The site will remain the same, except for the addition of NEA classes for members to access.

There are two important changes for members to be aware of as these changes launch in late March/early April:

  • The URL is different! Instead of finding MEA Online at meaonline.educationminnesota.org, you will log in at meaonline.learnupon.com.
  • Password changes! Members who already had MEA Online accounts will be prompted to change their password upon the first log in to the site.

Members who did not previously have an MEA Online account will need to email meaonline@edmn.org with their name, local and member number (if possible) to request access to the new online learning site.

All of the instructions will be included on www.educationminnesota.org when the transition is complete.

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