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All educators, including retirees, need to take caution with identity theft

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The recent data breach in Minneapolis and ransomware attack in Rochester serve as reminders to educators that data protection is of the utmost importance.

Staff data of Minneapolis educators, including retirees, has been affected and some may not have heard or seen any information regarding the impacts to their own personal data.

These breaches are serious and educators, especially in Minneapolis and Rochester, need to always be cautious about receiving, interacting with, or responding to any suspicious emails or phone calls. Be aware of possible phishing events and other potential scams. Do not seek out, read, download or share any data released by the threat actor, as this plays into the cybercriminals’ hands by drawing attention to the information and increasing fear and panic.

We believe the breach in Minneapolis Public Schools goes back to 1995 data, so if you worked at MPS in the last two or three decades, you are at risk of personal data being released and need to take some protections.

All Education Minnesota members have access to free identity theft protection through Education Minnesota ESI Member Benefits.

Through a partnership with Securus ID, all active Education Minnesota members have access to a no cost recovery plan, in addition to discounted rates for increased coverage. If you know of a retired educator who is not a member of Education Minnesota Retired, they can join as a member and get the free coverage. Information to join is available at www.educationminnesota.org/membership-benefits/join-now/retired-member.

The complimentary essential individual plan includes:

  • Protection from ALL forms of ID theft—including financial, medical, benefits, insurance, phone, utilities, government documents.
  • Family fraud and acts of terrorism.
  • Unknown identity theft events that occurred prior to the start of new membership plan.
  • Identity Specialists (CITRMS Certified) that work on your behalf until your identity is at a pre-event status.
  • 24/7 victim access to an online case management system provides you with an up to the minute status of your recovery.
  • Identity theft prevention and education.
  • Family plan available: Family Essential includes fully-managed recovery for you, your spouse / significant other and up to eight children at same address.

Includes limited power of attorney so that the specialist assigned to a member’s case can truly complete all restoration activities on that member’s behalf. Go to www.educationminnesota.securusid.com/complimentary-registration/ for more information or to sign up today.

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