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Back-to-school tips for parents

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No wonder educators are so excited to start a new school year.

They get to meet new faces. They get to reconnect with old friends.

And, best of all, they get to inspire a whole new generation of leaders — from artists, writers and builders to chemists, X-ray technicians and zoologists.

Of course, that first day back can be fraught with more than a few butterflies.

Educators are ready for that, too. With smiles. With laughs. With directions. With icebreakers.

And as we all know, back to school isn’t just for students. In fact, research shows parents play a key role in their child’s education. The more involved, the better.

Here, then, are some back to school tips just for you parents out there.


1. Introduce yourself to your child’s educators right away. Don’t forget to exchange contact info.
2. Set a regular time and place for homework. Make it a distraction-free zone.
3. Establish high expectations. Reward your child along the way.
4. Read as much as possible. Alone or together. Share what you and your child learned.
5. Prepare for your parent-teacher conference. Start journaling questions and observations right from the get-go.
6. Reduce that first-day anxiety. Tour the school several days before school starts.
7. Amp up the excitement. Tell stories about your own school days.
8. Come prepared. Part of the fun is back-to-school shopping.
9. Arrive early – whether it’s to the bus stop or school itself.
10. Keep a sense of humor. Bumps in the road are inevitable.

Tips for students

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