NEA360 – Local Leader Access 7.1.18


An individual can only access NEA360 with a license. Local leaders who are granted a license will receive a Standard License.

Education Minnesota will fund local licenses at the following levels:

Number of Members in LocalNumber of Licenses 

 A local may request additional licenses at a cost of $15 per year, per individual. All licensed users will be subject to the Education Minnesota User Agreement.

Access Level Based on Role

Access to the NEA 360 platform is tailored to the specific role a local leader plays within their local. Specifically: 

RoleAccess LevelPermissionsRestrictions
Local Leader/Local PresidentBasic
View rosters by local and worksite for their own local View individual records for their own local Enter interests and survey responses Log conversations Access to EdCommunities Access to Reports*

Cannot add, edit or delete individual records Cannot access IMS or confidential member data
Organizing Lead/LCAT ChairBasic
Same as above

Same as above
Building RepsRead Only Plus
View individual records for their own worksite Log conversations Enter interests and survey responses

Cannot add, edit or delete individual records Cannot access reports Cannot access IMS or confidential member data

 *Access to Reports—locals currently have access to member data, but must request it from the Membership department. The purpose of providing local leaders with access to NEA 360 is to streamline this process and enable them to access member data for their locals directly. The User Agreement details recommendations related to use of that data.

NEA360 User Agreement

"*" indicates required fields

NEA360 Data Access Agreement – Local Leader and Local Union

This agreement is entered into by and between Education Minnesota (hereinafter “EM”), (hereinafter “Local Leader”), and (hereinafter “Local Union”). Upon being granted licensed access to the NEA360 system the Local Leader agrees to the following:

Use or Disclosure of Member List and Other Information

All records, mailing lists, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and data relating in any manner to EM’s members or potential members, whether prepared by Local Leader using NEA360 or stored in the NEA360 system shall be the exclusive property of EM. That information shall only be used for Local Union purposes as outlined in this agreement and by their EM approved Local Data Sharing Policy. If there is not a Local Data Sharing Policy this agreement will control the use of the NEA360 system and the data contained therein.

Use and Restrictions

The NEA360 system and the data contained therein may be used by the Local Leader for internal member organizing and other official Local Union business. NEA360 usernames and passwords are assigned to specific individuals and may not be shared. Devices used to access NEA360 must utilize some form of screen lock security (PIN, passphrase, biometric, swipe pattern, etc.). Devices should be configured to lock after a period of inactivity. In the event a device with access to NEA360 is lost or stolen, or if the user has reason to believe that their credentials may have been compromised, the user will notify the EM NEA360 administrator immediately by sending an email to an EM Field Representative or NEA360 administrator. The NEA360 system and the data contained therein will not be shared or used for external political campaigns or elections. Use for Local Union’s internal elections is permissible in accordance with the Local Union’s election rules. In order to ensure that any and all data sharing for political campaigns or elections follow campaign law, any data to be used for political purposed must be requested through the Public Affairs department of EM. Except as specifically authorized by a designated officer or employee of EM or by written EM policies, the Local Leader will not use or disclose the NEA360 system and the data contained therein to any person who is not an authorized officer or employee of EM, except as authorized in this Agreement.


Local Leader and Local Union agree that this agreement is violated, the Local Affiliate and Local Leader are liable for any and all damages incurred. In addition, at the discretion of EM, the Local Leader and Local Affiliate may lose access to the NEA360 system.