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NEA PAC Fundraising for the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education

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Education Minnesota is stepping up its effort to raise money for the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education, the NEA’s PAC that supports pro-public education federal candidates such as President, U.S. House and U.S. Senate. This year, Education Minnesota is making a radical change to hopefully increase contributions to the NEA Fund. 

Education Minnesota will start compensating members who solicit other members to contribute to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.  When a member signs up another member for a recurring monthly contribution of $5 or more on their PACtivist page (locals with payroll deduction agreements must sign up a contributor for a total of $5 per month), Education Minnesota will compensate the soliciting member $10 after the contributor makes six months of contributions. Yes, that’s right, we will pay you $10 per contributor! Unfortunately, if the contributing member stops their contribution before six months of contributions, the soliciting member will not be compensated.


  • All soliciting members need to set up a PACtivist page. (members in locals with payroll deduction agreements can still use payroll deduction cards.)
  • Soliciting members who signs a contributing member up for a continuous contributions of $5 or more per month (PACtivist or payroll deduction) for at least six months will receive $10.
    • Soliciting member will receive $10 for the delegate after the six month of contributions.
    • If the contributor stops the continuous contribution before the sixth month of contributions, the solicitor will NOT receive the $10.
    • For contributions that qualify for the $10, solicitors need to go online to report a contributor’s info within five days of signing up the contributor so we can track compensation. This must be done whether you use the PACtivist page or payroll deduction cards. The form can be found here – Report Qualifying Contributors Info Page
    • Those using payroll deduction must email a copy of the signed payroll deduction card to jim.meyer@edmn.org.

The following locals have payroll deduction for the NEA Fund: Alexandria, Burnsville, Centennial, Chaska, Dover-Eyota, Eden Prairie, Farmington, Hastings, Milaca, Mounds View, Park Rapids, Plainview-Elgin-Millville, Rochester, Roseville, Stewartville, Stillwater and Winona. If you need payroll deduction cards, talk to your local president or contact Jim Meyer (jim.meyer@edmn.org).

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Jim Meyer at jim.meyer@edmn.org or 651-298-5698.

You can start the very simple process of creating your page by going to www.edvotes.org/fundraise.

Instructions and reporting recurring contributions for compensation

Please feel free to contact Jim Meyer at jim.meyer@edmn.org with any questions.

Questions? Please contact:
Jim Meyer