Local elections

Local elections have a major impact on our communities—especially our public schools and the education profession.

Education Minnesota can help your local create a campaign plan to win your levy or school board election this fall and in the future.

Local Elections Assistance Program (LEAP) Initial Reimbursement Application
All locals requesting financial help from the Education Minnesota PAC must fill out the Initial Reimbursement Application

Local Elections Assistance Program (LEAP) Final Reimbursement Application
Reimbursable expenses for referendums and school board campaigns need to be filed AFTER the election using the Final Reimbursement Application. 

Any questions regarding either of these online forms, please contact Brit Hiedeman at brit.hiedeman@edmn.org.  

How Education Minnesota can help 

Campaign planning 
Education Minnesota will help you create a campaign plan to win your levy or school board election. Any successful campaign needs a plan of action. 

Education Minnesota uses the Voter Action Network (VAN) database to build targeted phone, door-knock and mailing lists. This is the same database that labor unions and political candidates in Minnesota use. We can create lists that target likely supporters and eliminate voters who may oppose your issue. Targeted lists reduce unnecessary work and help harvest supporters for your campaign. 

Depending on availability, locals can use Education Minnesota laptops and online phone lists.   

Designing and printing 
Education Minnesota’s in-house print shop and graphic artists are available to create and print mailers and other documents for your campaign.  Education Minnesota will only print documents created by Education Minnesota. 

Financial resources 
Education Minnesota’s Political Action Committee makes funds available to locals for use in campaigns. To be eligible, at least 90 percent of a local’s members must be contributing to the Education Minnesota PAC. Qualifying locals are eligible to receive between $5 to $7 per member with some matching local funds. All locals, regardless of size, are eligible for a minimum of $750 per fiscal year. To find out if your local is eligible or for how much, please contact Education Minnesota staff member Brit Hiedeman at brit.hiedeman@edmn.org


Working With Other Organizations 

Parent group/Vote YES committees 
It’s important for locals to work with parent groups and committees on levy campaigns. Two or three representatives are advised to help keep campaign on task and to stay updated of campaign activities.  

School district/superintendent 
It’s important that a local stays informed/involved when district officials begin planning a levy, including the exact wording of the ballot question. A poorly-written ballot question can sink a campaign. School districts cannot use district resources to advocate for a levy.  

AFL-CIO Area Labor Councils (ALC) 
All members and locals are affiliated with an AFL-CIO Area Labor Council. ALC organizers can also help locals with levy and school board campaigns. ALCs have the ability to screen, help plan, organize other unions for support and help with community relations. It is highly advised that locals reach out to their ALC. If you are unsure which ALC you are affiliated with, contact your Education Minnesota field representative. 

To find out if your local is eligible or for how much, please email Brit Hiedeman in the Education Minnesota Public Affairs Department. 

Need help? Contact Jim Meyer for levies and referendums or Anna Brelje for school board races. 

Set a goal, write a plan, execute!!!!