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What is a union and why does it matter?

Specht was elected president in April 2013 and assumed office July 1, 2013. She was re-elected in 2016 and 2019.

Burnham was elected vice president at the Representative Convention in 2019.

Rowe was elected secretary-treasurer in April 2013 and re-elected in 2016 and 2019.

Sara Gjerdrum was hired as executive director of Education Minnesota in November 2014. 

Profiles of the members elected to represent Education Minnesota members around the state. To determine which governing board member represents you, check these maps to find your Election District (PDF, 12 pgs., 5.6MB) and/or Election Zone ( PDF, 16 pgs., 4.5MB).

Our Constitution and Bylaws, Statements of Principle, and other guiding documents

Members of our Council of Local Presidents, Ethnic and Minority Affairs Committee, Political Action Committee, Legislative Action Committee and Professional Advocacy Committee.

Video detailing Education Minnesota's origins and purpose.

Our purpose, structure, leaders and history.

Education Minnesota develops professional educators who are passionate, well trained and well supported. Joining means belonging to an organization dedicated to preparing students for successful lives.

Here's why belonging matters:

Our union is you and your colleagues coming together in a united effort. Find out more!

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We have 17 offices around the state including our headquarters in St. Paul.

A list of staff in offices around the state. View in the members-only section.

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