Relational Organizing Grant Program 

Education Minnesota is pleased to open applications for the 2023-2024 school year for the Relational Organizing Grant Program. The program designed to support local affiliates in their efforts to build power within their union, unity among their membership, and to establish local mechanisms to sustain that critical work.  

Available Grants 

Grant Type Description Max Allocation 
Foundational   This grant is intended to support locals that are newer to relational organizing work and/or have fewer than 50 members.  The Foundational grant is best utilized to develop basic organizing infrastructures including stipends for member organizers, member engagement events, web/print materials, etc.   $1,000 
Power Building   This grant is intended to support locals that have some experience with relational organizing work and/or have between 50-300 members. The Power Building grant is best utilized to enhance existing organizing infrastructure including strategic planning time/retreats, member stipends to implement organizing plans, member engagement events, 1:1 conversations, etc.  $5,000 
Leadership   This grant is intended for locals with considerable experience with member engagement work and/or have more than 300 members.  The Leadership grant is best utilized to establish or enhance organizing infrastructure as part of a larger or long-term strategic plan, including members stipends, local organizer programs, community organizing efforts, etc.   $10,000 


  • Local must be in good fiduciary standing and establish ACH direct deposit with Education Minnesota Finance Department 
  • Local must complete a consultation with Education Minnesota Field Staff or Organizer prior to submitting application.  
  • Application must be completed or approved by the Local President 
  • Local must complete online self-assessment and application in the defined window (see Application Windows and Eligibility) 
  • Local must complete an evaluation/impact assessment at the conclusion of the project for which funds were granted. 

Allowable Activities 

Expenses related to member engagement via 1:1 conversations, events, trainings, and other activities—including stipends for members to attend planning sessions, execute organizing plans, conduct 1:1 conversations and/or other organizing work. Local web or print communications/design were also an allowable expense.   

Prohibited Expenses 

Non-consumables (i.e., spirit/unity wear, “swag”, gift cards/certificates/vouchers), and stipends to supplement or augment existing elected or appointed union positions are prohibited.  

Application Windows and Eligibility 

Locals applying for Relational Organizing Grants for the first time will be given priority by the committee via a “First Time Applicant” window.  This window will be open for any local that did not receive a Relational Organizing Grant during the 2022-2023 cycle.  Should grant funds remain, an additional window will be opened for all locals to apply*.  

Application Window Dates Eligibility 
First Time ROGP Applicants Only October 9, 2023- November 3, 2023 Any local that did not receive a relational organizing grant in 2022-2023 
All Applicants November 4, 2023-December 1, 2023 All locals may apply* 

* Locals that received a grant in 2022-2023 must expend all funds before applying for a new grant. 

How to Apply 

  1. Reach out to your Education Minnesota Field Staff or Organizer to complete a consultation before submitting your application. 
  1. Visit to apply online! 


Applications will be reviewed by a committee of Education Minnesota members weekly, and award notifications will be sent within one week of application submissions.