The edCommunities web-based learning network makes it easy to accomplish multiple professional goals in one online space.

Join edCommunities to find other groups of Minnesota educators who share your professional interests – or create your own groups to fit your specific needs. You will also be instantly linked to a nationwide network of educators and resources, through the NEA Connected Communities platform.

edCommunities is the digital home for all your professional needs: learning, collaborating and file sharing!

This digital network provides statewide professional development opportunities designed to engage educators in innovative digital learning, modeling equitable learning practices that can be easily translated to local classrooms and communities.

REGISTER at mynea360.org and join our online learning community!

Existing groups:

  • FIRE: Fighting Inequities and Racism in Education
  • MEA ConnectED Home
  • MEA Special Education Support
  • Minnesota NBCT Network
  • Education Minnesota Foundation Grantees
  • Racial Equity Community of Practice
  • Literacy in the Digital Classroom
  • Making the Most of Data and Assessments
  • Teacher Support: Induction and Mentoring
  • Degrees, Not Debt
  • ESSA

For more information, contact edCommunities coordinator Jonathan Kim at jonathan.kim@edmn.org.