Roadmap to Resolution


This three-phase conflict resolution program is tailored to meet the needs of Minnesota educators, instructors and education support professionals.

How does Roadmap to Resolution work?
The program involves three steps:

  • Step One helps the parties identify the conflict. Members are encouraged to address workplace disputes on their own and are provided guidance and a framework to deal with the conflict.
  • Step Two can be used if the parties are unable to resolve the conflict themselves. A trained Conflict Management Facilitator meets with members to assist them in exploring possible resolutions of the conflict.
  • Step Three involves the use of an external mediator to formally mediate the conflict.

Will every conflict utilize all three steps?
No. Roadmap to Resolution is designed to resolve the majority of conflicts through Step One. Steps Two and Three are designed to address particularly difficult situations that require the intervention of professionals. Step Three is only available if approved by Education Minnesota.

What types of conflicts should be addressed through Roadmap to Resolution? 
Roadmap to Resolution is designed to assist members in resolving member-to-member workplace conflicts they encounter in the course of their duty day. 

What types of conflicts should NOT be addressed through Roadmap to Resolution? 

  • Concerns that can be properly addressed through a union grievance procedure 
  • Disputes between union members and administrators 
  • Any type of harassment or discrimination complaint 
  • Criminal behavior 

Contact your field staff for information on handling the above types of conflicts. 

Click below for more information on the three steps:

Step I: Self-resolution
Steps to resolve the conflict yourself
Self-resolution alternative

Step II: Facilitation
Requesting a facilitator

Step III: Mediation
Assigning a mediator

Resources for facilitators

Roadmap to Resolution brochure