Second REA cohort begins work

The second year of Education Minnesota’s Racial Equity Advocate program has begun. This year’s cohort will have monthly assignments and be able to connect via Google Classroom. 

The members of the first cohort have continued on with their work in their local unions and together with Education Minnesota.

“You’re never not an Education Minnesota Racial Equity Advocate,” said Angela Osuji, a teacher in Minneapolis.

Georgia Miller-Kamara from Intermediate District 287 agreed that the work is never done and the union is a place for that work.

“Equity work is union business,” she said. “It needs to be talked about.”

Thomas Carlson, a teacher at the Perpich Center for Arts Education, said that anyone looking to build relationships and work on racial equity and cultural competency should think about getting involved in the union’s programs.

“It’s a great opportunity to a part of a group that is trying to figure this out, and could lead to systematic change at the local and statewide level and beyond,” Carlson said.