July 2018
Teacher signings celebrate future educators; Members continue to choose union; Details matter in cultural competency training; new Educator contest; Educators running for office; Licensure changes begin; Become a worksite action leader; Opportunities.

June 2018
Tim Walz endorsement, 2018 Legislature wrap-up, 2018 Minnesota Teacher of the Year; Minnesota economy outpaces Wisconsin; Student Program service at Bethune; Collaboration Lab; Robots bring fun to coding; Opportunities.

May 2018
2018 Representative Convention; Aim Higher Minnesota Act; Celebrating 20 years of unity; Worksite political action leaders; Online 'Believe in We' ads; DeAnna Hron wins award; Virtual reality in school; Summer Seminar registration opens; Opportunities.

April 2018
Working People's Day of Action; 2018 Legislature update; NEA Foundation grant winners; Believe in We ad campaign launches; Stories from the bargaining table; How locals can prepare for Janus; Collaboration Lab; Opportunities.

March 2018
New EPIC paper; Local contracts update; Unions launch Janus ad campaign; Farmington band director honored; Read Across America preview; New NBCT teachers; 2018 RC information; Teacher of the Year semifinalists; Summer Seminar call for workshops; Opportunities.

February 2018
2018 Legislature preview; Precinct caucus information; Changes to licensure system take effect; Losing union rights hits home; 'Digital Innovator' thinks outside the box; Foundation grant awardees; ESP regional trainings; Opportunities.

January 2018
2017 Political Conference recap; Unions are good for women; Why our union matters more than ever; Member testimonials; Iowa and Wisconsin comparisons/graphics; Race Equity EdCamp; Opportunities.

December 2017
2017 ESP of the Year; Election Day results; Winning elections fueled by the 'Power of We,' School raises $1,000 for Puerto Rico; Tech summit overview; MREA awards; 2018 NEA RA delegate forms; ConnectED; Opportunities.

November 2017
2017 MEA conference review; Twitter use among educators; 2017 Political Conference info; NEA RA delegate selection & volunteer info; Teacher of the Year noms open until Nov. 15; Community Outreach Committee profile; Emerging Leaders registration; Opportunities.

October 2017
Green Card Voices profile; Teachers bring training to Bolivia; Apps for educators; Political Action Committee profile; 2017 MEA conference preview; Teacher of the Year nominations open; DACA resources; Opportunities.

September 2017
Back to school resources; Summer Seminar recap; Nurturing new teachers; How to talk about hate, create safe spaces; Educators fight for DACA; Back-to-school TV ad; Local races have big impacts; Educators, lawmakers tackle student debt crisis; Foundation golf tournament recap; Opportunities.