August 2015
National Education Association Representative Assembly, Little Falls innovates for professional development, Union life offers multiple paths, Fairmont’s book giveaway proves popular, Legislative updates calendar, Grants and retirements—Union Life, Governing board filing form, Opportunities

July 2015
Community Outreach Committee’s new project, Member’s novel serialized in Star Tribune, Finding balance, President Denise Specht’s column, Student cell phone use, Volunteer for the State Fair booth, Opportunities

June 2015
Teacher of the Year, Legislative session ends, Summer Seminar preview, NEA takes on student debt, Personalized learning, Week of Action roundup, Officer and NEA filing form, Opportunities

May 2015
Representative Convention, Thinking inclusively for professional development, School building design for health, MEA conference is back, Crunch time at the Capitol, Teacher of the Year finalists, Opportunities

April 2015
Full-service community school, Educator Policy Innovation Center, Letters to the editor, Special education caseload policy, Minnesota graduation rates rise, Teacher of the Year semi-finalists, Digibook on ESPs, Opportunities

March 2015
Organizing for power, Teacher-led professional development, Inclusive leadership, Teacher of the Year candidates, Legal Briefs, Politics & Policy, Education Minnesota by the numbers, Opportunities

February 2015
Opening doors to history education, Explaining due process rights, At the Legislature, Education Minnesota Representative Convention preview, Union Life, Opportunities

January 2015
Social worker’s innovation, Challenges to placing student teachers, Engaging students about social justice, Legislative preview, How gift ban law works, New National Board Certified Teachers, Opportunities

December 2014
Education Minnesota ESP of the Year, Retaining young teachers, Teacher survey on overtesting, NEA RA delegate filing forms, Collective Bargaining and Organizing Conference preview, Opportunities

November 2014
Professional Conference, Character-building for student athletes, Protecting due process for teachers, American Education Week, NEA Representative Assembly forms, ‘The Teacher Wars’ review, Legal changes to support ELLs, Opportunities

October 2014
Investing in the profession, Conference preview, Bemidji educators form partnership, ECFE turns 40, National Board Certification streamlined, Education Minnesota’s endorsed candidates, ESP regional meetings, Opportunities

September 2014
Back to school, Therapy dogs in schools, Professional conference speakers, New workplace protections, Turning out pro-education voters, New policy research and outreach work, Union Life, Opportunities