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Heather Bakke

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Heather Bakke

Position running for: NEA Director

Job title: Special education teacher

Local name: Education Minnesota Brainerd

Email: foreather@aol.com

Three years ago I was elected to represent the members of Education Minnesota as one of your NEA Directors. This position has given me the opportunity to amplify the voices of educators from all over Minnesota. I was able to share your stories with our elected officials letting them know what it was like to try and support our colleagues, students, families, and communities during the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. I am proud to have the opportunity to continue this important work. Thank you.

Heather Bakke is the type of union leader any organization is lucky to have. She lives for the union and the people it protects. Heather was elected president of our local union several years in a row; she served her first year before she was tenured. She has also has served on the MVU regional board and as a national director. Her understanding of union concepts is exceptional and her communication is highly effective. We have trusted Heather with our union wholeheartedly.
Sue O’Neill, GFW

As my union president, Heather was approachable, comprehensive, and worked diligently . When there were conflicts, she could be found working closely with the staff and communicating with administration. Even when there were larger union issues, Heather would always open up her door to anyone who needed to talk or who had questions about anything to do with the union. Her passion for union work is obvious to anyone who has been lucky enough to work with her. Hanna Maloney, Montevideo

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