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Community Outreach Subsidy Program

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Education Minnesota wants to help you make a strong and positive connection with your community. We encourage locals to put an ad in your local newspaper or on social media, send out postcards, put up posters throughout your local communities or whatever you feel best gets your messages out to the community.

Here are some examples of how you can make meaningful connections with your community:

  • Sharing messages of “welcome back to school” in the fall.
  • Celebrating American Education Week in November.
  • Sending a thank you for attending conferences.
  • Sending thanks for a great school year in May or June.

To help you do this, we will help subsidize the cost through our advertising campaign.

Education Minnesota will reimburse your local up to $400 per year for costs associated with printing, ad placement, mailing, etc.

The subsidy is for external community outreach, not internal organizing, bargaining or election materials.

Need help creating the materials?
Contact Education Minnesota’s Public Affairs Department at 651-292-4862 or 800-652-9073, ext. 4862. We will help you develop and design your materials.

How to receive your subsidy
Download and fill out this form, then send it back to Education Minnesota, along with a copy of the invoice for printing, production, mailing, ad placement, etc.

Send to:
Ashley Behrens
Education Minnesota
41 Sherburne Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55103

Questions? Contact Doug Dooher or Ashley Behrens at 800-652-9073 or 651-227-9541.