Representative Convention process and timelines

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Process and timelines

I. Election and registration of delegates and alternates

Each Education Minnesota local and statewide affiliate is entitled to a minimum of one delegate for the Representative Convention. Additional delegates are allocated to each local and statewide affiliate based on the ratio of one delegate for every 75 members or major fraction thereof. The 2023 delegate allocation report indicates local delegate eligibility based on final 2021-22 membership numbers.

Electing delegates and alternates

In accordance with Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, or LMRDA, delegates and alternates must be elected by open nomination and secret ballot. We strongly encourage locals to elect enough alternates to ensure full representation should any elected delegate(s) be unable to attend. Elections are generally only required if there are more candidates than the number of allotted delegate spots for a local, but elections must also be follow each local’s constitution and bylaws, so check your local constitution and bylaws to make that an election is not required when there are fewer delegates than spots. It is permissible to ask candidates if they want to be alternates if there are more candidates that delegate positions so long as all candidates are asked to avoid any questions about neutrality. It is permissible to recruit additional candidates if there are not enough to fill all delegate positions.

Most electronic polling platforms don’t comply with the LMRDA because of the law’s ballot secrecy and observation requirements. For locals who choose to conduct a mail ballot, the LMRDA requirements for mail balloting must be followed. If you have questions about electing delegate and alternates, please contact

Registering delegates and alternates

The following information is required for local presidents (or their designee) to register delegates and alternates:

  • Name(s) (local president/designee will be able to register multiple delegate/alternates)
  • Delegate/alternate email address
  • Delegate/alternate mailing address
  • Delegate/alternate telephone number
  • First time delegate (yes or no)
  • Member of color (yes or no)
  • Identification of “designated delegate” to receive EdMN funded hotel room

Once the registration process is completed, the local president and delegates will receive a confirmation email verifying registration.

Late registration

The cutoff date for delegate and alternate registrations is March 17, 2023.

The Credentials Committee will review delegate and alternate names submitted after the registration deadline and present recommendations to the Representative Convention for action. The Credentials Committee will require information why names were not submitted on time, which may include written verification of the local election time and place, the names of candidates running for election, and the official minutes certifying the election of delegates/alternates to make its recommendation.

In late February, we will email local presidents who haven’t submitted delegate or alternate names to remind them of the process.

General information

We will publish notices of the deadline in issues of the Local Presidents’ Insider and the Minnesota Educator. In early April, we will email those local presidents not submitting any delegate or alternate names, reminding them of the above process.

II. Submitting proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws


Proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws as well as the convention rules are due 100 days prior to the convention or by 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 11, 2023. This deadline is necessary to allow enough time for the Constitution and Bylaws and Rules committees to work with authors to identify and correct any procedural flaws or internal inconsistencies.

Under our Constitution and Bylaws, we must email proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws with the official Convention Call no less than 60 days before the convention. We will email the Convention Call to all local presidents for distribution to their delegates and alternates in February.

General information

We will email the agenda and copies of all proposed bylaw amendments to registered delegates three weeks before the Representative Convention.