Remote work denial

Many educators have requested the ability to work remotely during all or part of the upcoming school year due to concerns about a medical condition or other risk factor that places them or a family member at increased risk for severe illness due to COVID-19.

While Gov. Tim Walz's Executive Order requires districts to grant remote work requests and other accommodations “to the extent possible,” some school districts have unreasonably denied these requests.
Education Minnesota’s field staff and legal department have been assisting members with these requests throughout the summer and will continue to do so. However, in order to ensure that all members have their issues reviewed by an attorney as quickly as possible, we have created a form allowing members to submit a legal query regarding remote work denials:

 Legal assistance form

Completing this form does not guarantee that Education Minnesota will be able to represent you in a legal action, but it will ensure that our legal department reviews your claim as quickly as possible.