Enjoy these benefits as an aspiring educator member:

  • Receive $1 million in professional liability insurance while you're in the classroom. This coverage is important when you're involved in clinical classroom experiences or student teaching. Many colleges and universities as well as school districts require professional liability insurance coverage. If you student teach in another state or country, your insurance covers you as long as you are enrolled in a Minnesota college or university.
  • Connect with the state and national affiliate organizations. Their publications cover professional issues including licensure, graduation standards, peer review and teaching techniques as well as organizational information.
  • Network with other pre-professionals.
  • Expand your leadership skills at the campus level. Education Minnesota works with campus leaders to develop effective chapters.
  • Save money on car, home, health and life insurance; credit cards; entertainment; travel; loans, and more through state and national programs.

One of the best benefits is pre-professional development on your campus and at other meetings on topics such as these:

  • Parent conference tips
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Survival skills for new teachers
  • Effective use of technology in the classroom
  • Special education
  • Interview and job search skills