Long-term care insurance

ESI has helped members with long-term care insurance since 1989. In addition to prequalification, ESI helps you with policy placement and claims assistance.

The ESI sponsored long-term care insurance is offered through Educators Lifetime Solutions (ELS) and is a vital part of your financial plan. Long-term care insurance protects your assets, but more importantly it provides you with choices such as:

  • Stay at home with assistance
  • Professional, therapeutic services
  • Custodial maintenance
  • Adult day care services
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing home facilities

Contact ELS

For information, call 763-689-9023 or 877-403-2374 or visit this website.


Each plan is individually created, and many carriers offer special discounts to members. We help you prequalify to find the best carrier for you based on your age, health status and individual needs.

Individual rates

  • Member discounts
  • Group enrollment rates
    • Liberal underwriting
    • Member discounts


  • Limited underwriting during open enrollment
  • Guaranteed issue long-term care benefit inside universal life policy for actively working teachers who do  not qualify for a stand-alone long-term care policy


Long-term care insurance is a key component of ESI financial and retirement planning workshops. Attending a workshop will help you understand:

  • What long term-care insurance is and isn’t
  • What the risks are of not having this insurance
  • What medical insurance, Medicare and Medicaid cover
  • What the federal deductions and tax credits are
  • MN Partnership legislation: dollar-for-dollar asset protection


If your local is interested in a long-term care insurance seminar, please contact ELS at 763-689-9023 or 800-403-2374. ELS and ESI can coordinate a schedule of 25-minute informational sessions to take place before or after school at various sites. Contact ELS for more information.


For information or rates, call 763-689-9023 or 877-403-2374.