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Emerging Leaders Program

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Calling all new and potential leaders!
 Education Minnesota is committed to working with locals to identify and prepare you to become the union leaders of tomorrow through our Emerging Leaders Program.
We need union members who are:

  • Interested in becoming leaders within their profession.
  • Team players and eager to learn.
  • Ready to develop their potential beyond the classroom.
  • Committed to improving the profession.
  • Ready to mobilize their fellow members.

Our curriculum will empower participants to:

  • Identify aspects of quality leadership.
  • Develop their own leadership potential.
  • Understand and work with different personality types.
  • Explore leadership opportunities within the union.
  • Develop the ability to engage members one on one.
  • Network with colleagues from across the state.
  • Embrace diversity in the workplace.
  • Manage conflict for positive outcomes.
  • Know the issues which have faced educators in the past.
  • Lead educators to face the issues of tomorrow.

The program typically begins and ends with a lunch in mid-June. Accommodations are provided by the College of St. Benedict. ALL participants are required to attend ALL portions of the training, which also include evening sessions. 
Education Minnesota will cover the following costs:

  • Training and all materials
  • Meals on campus
  • Lodging in campus apartments

Registration is FREE, but space is limited. Education Minnesota reserves the right to limit the number of registrants from the same local.

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“This Labor Day weekend is really hitting me differently than it has in years past.  I have always celebrated the holiday, but I never truly understood why it existed.  My time spent at the Emerging Leaders training helped me realize the important role unions have had in this country.  I am now ready to contribute to this great narrative that is of union workers.”

 – Will Ruffin II, Rochester Education Association

“The Emerging Leaders training is outstanding! It is a great way to network, and a great way to learn how to be a leader. Even if you are not in a leadership role, it’s a great training that provides you tools to grow into one. You can even use the tools and activities in your classroom. This training helps those of us who are new gain a deeper understanding of the union and how to help others gain the understanding as well.”

– Tammy Mezzenga, Intermediate District 287/Local 2209

“Whether you are new or an experienced teacher, this impactful and collaborative workshop, rooted in policy, education and leadership lays the, ‘we are all in this together’ groundwork for future growth and taking the lead. Highly recommended.”

– Steve Sandberg, Duluth Federation of Teachers

“Emerging leaders has been a great experience. It is a comprehensive overview of everything the union does which helped me know how I might get more involved. This training has helped me make connections with education professionals from across the state who have become fast friends. I look forward to seeing them again as I engage in future union activities. We are better together!”

– Sara McKeever, Sauk Rapids-Rice Education Association