Power of our union

Educators are powerful when we have a collective voice. Working in union gives us the power to make meaningful improvements for students, our profession, public education and our communities.

Unfortunately, corporate interests and the wealthy want to rig the economy in their favor and weaken the voice of workers. For decades, they have tried to destabilize unions through anti-worker legislation and court cases.

That’s why it’s so important for educators to choose union – we have more influence when there are more of us. Here’s why belonging to Education Minnesota matters.

VoiceIcon.jpgA voice for public education

Our voices are elevated and heard when we join together as Education Minnesota. Educators should have a seat at the table when decisions are made about our classrooms, schools, campuses, profession and public education because the only people who know more about what students need are their own parents.

PayIcon.jpgAn advocate for your career

Minnesota educators enjoy better pay, pensions and working conditions than educators in many other states because previous generations of educators collectively fought for them. Teachers who work in states with weaker unions earn $7,609 less on average than Minnesota teachers.

ProfGrowthIcon-(1).jpgA place for professional growth

Educators value and promote quality professional development. Being a part of your union means frequent, diverse and valuable training for educators, by educators. Education Minnesota staff, member trainers and experts offer hundreds of free or low-cost professional development opportunities across the state.

FamilyIcon.jpgChampion for our students and communities

Those who want to weaken unions want more power in the political process. Unions have fought for the rights of all Minnesotans, and we still have the responsibility to help alleviate the racism, discrimination and income inequality that hurt our students, families and communities.