Attacks on unions and public education

All working people, no matter race or place, benefit from having unions in their communities because managers have to offer better pay and benefits to compete against organized worksites.

Corporate interests and the lawmakers and promoters who do their bidding have a different agenda -- they want to financially destabilize labor unions. They are doing this through lawsuits and anti-worker measures at the national and state levels because unions break down the economic barriers for working Americans. Kentucky, Missouri and Iowa are among the states that passed major legislation to erode union power and workers' rights over the past few years.

On June 27, 2018, corporate interests won a politically motivated case in the U.S. Supreme Court. The 5-4 decision in Janus v. AFSCME makes it harder for working people to join together in strong unions to build better lives for families and communities.

Janus allows public sector employees to enjoy the benefits of a negotiated contract without paying for it and is the culmination of decades of attacks to try and financially destabilize labor unions.

By many measures, quality of life is worse in states with weaker unions. The result of "right to work" is this: Unions are dismantled. As a result, wages are lower, and people are less likely to have health insurance and the necessary resources for a quality education. 

The attacks can happen fast. In Iowa, anti-union lawmakers decimated collective bargaining laws in 10 days. And the ramifications can be devastating to the profession. In Wisconsin, teacher compensation plummeted $10,483 within four years.

Why your union matters 

We are powerful when we have a collective voice. That is why it's so important for educators and other public workers to stick together, no matter what happens in our courts or at the Capitol.  

Working in union gives educators the power to make meaningful improvements for students, our profession, public education and our communities. Learn more about what it means to belong to Education Minnesota.  

How it's playing out in Minnesota

Education Minnesota is engaging members to fight back and keep our union strong, and more educators are choosing union than ever before. But the anti-union attacks continue. 

Right-wing talking heads and the people who pay for them will try to twist the facts about union membership, dues and political activity. Here are some organizations to watch for and their agenda, including the Center of the American Experiment and Educated Teachers MN.

Say "No" to Betsy and Her Friends