Emerging Leaders Program

New leaders! Education Minnesota is committed to working with locals to identify and prepare you to become the union leaders of tomorrow through our Emerging Leaders Program.

2018 registration is now closed.
We need union members who are:

  • Interested in becoming leaders within their profession.
  • Team players, eager to learn.
  • Ready to develop their potential beyond the classroom.
  • Committed to improving the profession.
  • Ready to mobilize their fellow members.

Our curriculum will empower participants to:

  • Identify aspects of quality leadership.
  • Develop their own leadership potential.
  • Understand personality and generational differences.
  • Explore leadership opportunities within the union.
  • Develop the ability to engage members one on one.
  • Embrace diversity in the workplace.
  • Manage conflict for positive outcomes.
  • Know the issues which have faced educators in the past.
  • Lead educators to face the issues of tomorrow.

New dates! June 19-21, 2018, at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota.
The 2018 Emerging Leaders Program will begin with lunch on June 19 and end with lunch on June 21. Accommodations will be provided by the College of St. Benedict.
Acceptance into the program includes:

  • Training and all materials
  • Meals
  • Lodging on campus

Registration is FREE, but space is limited. Education Minnesota reserves the right to limit the number of registrants from the same local.

Questions? Contact Marie Fernholz at 877-462-5835 or marie.fernholz@edmn.org.


"I really value my experience in the Emerging Leaders Program! My experience in the program taught me about our union -- the history of unionism in education, different roles our union plays and how I can become involved to help support the education profession. The Emerging Leaders training provides an excellent opportunity for people interested in becoming more involved in their union."

- Tony Streng, Education Minnesota Osseo building representative

"The Emerging Leaders Program is far more than a program; in fact, this resourceful opportunity for me was more of a clarification process. The most critical piece of this entire process is to allow yourself to EMERGE. We, as educators, are very adaptable to new concepts, but we also get hung up on ones we favor. With the Emerging Leaders Program, you are challenged to learn, implement, follow through, ask questions and have passion."

- La Shawn Hankton, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and ESPs second vice president