Lobby days

Education Minnesota's lobby days are an opportunity to meet with your state legislators about specific equity issues such as school funding, full-service community schools and recruiting and retaining educators of color.

This year's Social Justice Lobby Day will take place Wednesday, Jan. 23. Our lobby day for members of color will take place Tuesday, Jan. 15. On both days this year, aside from the day’s regularly scheduled lobbying activities, members will also have a chance to meet with legislators at a morning reception from 9-10 a.m. at the state Capitol.

Want to attend one or both of the lobby days listed above?

Members of Color Lobby Day (Jan. 15): http://bit.ly/mocld19

Social Justice Lobby Day (Jan. 23): http://bit.ly/socjld19 

Questions? Please contact Kimberly Colbert at kimberly.colbert@edmn.org.