Summer of 2018: Identify schools for Comprehensive School Improvement (CSI) and Targeted Support Improvement (TSI).

2018/19 School Year: Planning year for CSI schools.

Summer of 2019: Identify schools with “consistently underperforming” student groups for TSI. These schools will then move into the CSI grouping.

2019/20 School Year: CSI schools implement plan. TSI schools identified as “consistently underperforming” planning year.

2020/21 School Year: Implementation for both CSI and TSI schools identified as “consistently underperforming."

Summer of 2021: Identify CSI and TSI schools with updated system (adding school quality, student success indicators as needed) for 21/22. CSI identifies schools for lowest 5 percent, schools under 67 graduation for any student group, and schools where groups are still at the same level as the lowest 5 percent in 2018. TSI identifies for consistently underperforming and any new groups at the lowest 5 percent.

2021/22 School Year: Planning year for CSI schools, schools with consistently underperforming student groups.

Summer of 2022: Identify any schools with consistently underperforming student groups.