President Barack Obama closed the chapter on No Child Left Behind’s punitive brand of school improvement when he signed the Every Student Succeeds Act into law in December 2015.

ESSA is a bold new opportunity for states and districts to move beyond top-down, test-and-sanction-based reforms that have failed to help all kids. It’s a sea change in education policy that our union fought long and hard to achieve. These changes offer the potential to restore the joy of teaching and learning, but ONLY if educators make our voices heard and lead the way on implementation.

Where are we at?

The U.S. Department of Education approved Minnesota's ESSA plan in January 2018. 

Read Minnesota's ESSA plan

This summer, the Minnesota Department of Education worked to identify schools for comprehensive and targeted support using the new North Star accountability system. A list of those schools was released on Aug. 30.

List of schools identified for support
How schools were identified
ESSA/North Star accountability system FAQs

What is Education Minnesota doing?

As your union, Education Minnesota will be creating documents, hosting webinars and offering trainings to help locals and members understand and implement ESSA. We spent hundreds of hours in hearings and meetings to help shape this plan into what it is today -- we aren't stopping now!

What can you do?

Schools identified for support now begin a one-year planning period. School improvement teams will be formed at those schools to work with the state's Regional Centers of Excellence. ESSA requires these teams to conduct a Comprehensive Needs Assessment before developing a school improvement plan.

Schools then get two years to start implementing those plans.

Contact Paul Winkelaar at paul.winkelaar@edmn.org or 651-292-4837 if you're interested in becoming part of this process.

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