Mission statement

Education Minnesota's Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC) creates a structure that monitors, advocates and promotes ethnic minority membership in Education Minnesota.

Committee goals

  • Create a permanent structure for minority interests.
  • Advocate for academic success of all students.
  • Recruit, retain, and engage minority members in our union and our schools.
  • Promote opportunities for continuing education.
  • Actively participate in public relations.
  • Build a network for communication, connection and support.


Julia Berry
Marcel Branch
Ternesha Burroughs
Jeff Byrd
Peggy Cobbins
Mathew Collier
Annette Davis
Geneva Dorsey
Diane Ewing
Kathryn Fairbanks
Julie Hutcheson-Downwind
Cassie Letourneau
Yasmin Muridi
Melody Ouk
Dawn Paro-Strother
Tucker Questone
Gerald White
Javnika Shah
Cassandra Sheppard


Kimberly Colbert
Sam Jasenosky


Education Minnesota Affirmative Involvement Plan (updated July 2016)


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