Jamie Alsleben

Election District W

Represented by: Jamie Alsleben

Email address: jalsleben@edenpr.org

Local affiliate: Eden Prairie Education Association

Job title: Educator

Grade level/subject: Sixth grade

Term ends: June 30, 2022

Philosophy as a board member: I believe as a board member it is important to seek out, listen, and respect the many voices of our members in forming the catalyst through which a decision will need to be made. Listening to members is very important in my advocacy, balanced approach to viewing issues, collaboration with peers, and dedication to our union's educational mission. Having rural roots and currently living in Greater MN while working in a metro district has given me a wonderful opportunity in understanding the concerns and successes of our members. Lastly, I try to live and lead by the saying ... to listen is to learn, to share is to teach. It is my desire to bring my humble and unique approach to our Governing Board, a board that is a wonderful mosaic snapshot of its over 80,000 members.