Election District: L

Represented by: Wendy Drugge Wuensch

Email address: wmdrugge@gmail.com

Local/affiliate: Burnsville Education Association, local 7036

Job title: President of the Burnsville Education Association

Grade level/subject: Secondary mathematics teacher on special assignment (as BEA president)

Term ends: June 30, 2022

Philosophy of service as a board member:

I believe in distributed leadership and listening to and actively engaging all the members of my local.  As a member of the Education Minnesota Governing Board, I hope to expand these practices to all members of Education Minnesota. 

When the members of Education Minnesota come together as one, our voices will be heard.  We must continue to advocate for our profession, our students, and fight for the quality of life of all union members.
I am honored to represent the members of Education Minnesota on the Education Minnesota Governing Board as the Election District L representative.