1. Parties complete the Request for Facilitation form and submit it to Education Minnesota at roadmap@edmn.org.
  2. If all parties do not complete the form and/or do not agree to participate, a conflict management facilitator (CMF) is not assigned and parties are notified that the Roadmap to Resolution (R2R) process will not occur.
  3. If all parties submit the completed facilitator form and agree to participate in the R2R process, a CMF will be assigned, and a conflict management facilitation session will be scheduled.
  1. The session will typically last between two and four hours.
  2. All parties will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas for resolution.
  3. Parties are expected to actively participate in developing the resolution.
  4. The CMF will work with all parties toward a resolution that will successfully manage the conflict.
    1. If able to identify a resolution, the parties will develop a written plan.
    2. The parties also agree to follow the plan.
  5. After meeting, if the parties are unable to develop a resolution, the CMF will note that on the facilitator report form to the R2R contact.